Bus sale

Bus sale -official dealers from MAN, Setra, Mercedes or Iveco each have their own “oficial lagers”  of used buses for sale.  All major bus factories give their buyers chance to trade in their old coaches and busses, so as a result variety of brands can be found on each of them.

Bus sale at factory dealership

Setra dealers Buspool – official Setra dealers have  Buspool page. Cooperation of distributors in Germany. Their combined offer can be found on http://buspool.net especialy relevant for Setra models.

MAN Topused.  International label MAN Topused for used busses from MAN Truck&Bus Ag. MAN and Neoplan.  Therefore their coach sale offer from 36 lagers in 30 different countries.   http://www.man-topused.com

Mercedes  Bus Store.  Mercedes Benz and Setra used bus sale for EU market branded Bus Store.   Offer of minibuses, coaches for sale, double decker bus, school bus – https://www.bus-store.com. Probably biggest offer of mercedes coach&bus sale of rather expensive prices.

Volvo Bus&Coach finder jet another search engine from Volvo that can show You all used busses. Finder covers all EU countries and lagers. Unless You are from UK, remember to select Left hand drive (LHD) from search menu on Volvo Bus&coach finder.

VDL Bus Center.  Official dealer of used VDL Bova, VDL Berkhof, VDL Custers and VDL Jonckheere.  The Dutch VDL Group.   VDL Bus Center  and used buses from Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Poland and Switzerland can be found on this link – http://www.vdlbuscenter.com

Iveco OK Trucks.  Preowned busses from Iveco or Irisbus cooperation CNH Industrial branded Ok Trucks.  Coach sale offer  from Iveco  http://www.oktrucks.com.

Automotive marketplaces

In conclusion automotive marketplaces like Mobile.de, Truckscout24 have individual sellers and dealership pages. As a result  biggest offer, vehicle comparison,  user accounts and therefore are first webplaces if scouting for bus sale.

Mobile.de   Biggest germany automotive marketplace.  Especially relevant content for bus sale.

Autoline Europe   Automotive marketplace.  Most of all has used engines and gearboxes offer.

Truckscout24   Marketplace for busses, trucks and cars.